Lamb for sale

Our lamb is 100% traceable!

When you buy our lamb you can be confident that it was born and raised on our farm and our farm alone. All lambs have their own unique ID. I could show you both its mother and father, indeed often its grandmother, great grandmother and so on.​

We Truly Care.

We do not as a rule use antibiotics (only when truly required on an individual basis from a good husbandry point of view), indeed 99% of our lambs receive no antibiotics in their lifetime.

If you were to price up a whole British lamb in a high-street supermarket you would be amazed at what the total cost would be in comparison to our lamb.

Our lamb is not only top notch from a quality point of view but it is also extremely good value.

All of our meat comes ready packed and labelled to simply pop in your freezer. We can vac-pac the meat for an additional charge should you so wish.

Our Boxes

We can supply either whole or half lamb boxes. A whole lamb is approximately 22kg in weight and would fit in 2 drawers of a standard freezer and consists of the following:

4 half leg joints

4 chump chops

2 Rolled breast joints

Box Graphic
Other sizes upon request.
Please call to discuss your requirements and I am sure we can help.​
We can also cut and mince your order as required, eg racks or whole saddles​

4 Half shoulder joints

Loin chops

Optional kidney liver and heart

Cuts and

The flavour and texture of our lamb is second to none, and that’s not just us saying that, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers over recent years.

By careful choice of breeding stock and attention to detail at all stages from farm to plate we have a system that works.

Diagram of the cuts of meat on a sheep
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