The Farm

Where is the farm located?

The farm is situated to the just to the west of the Exe Estuary near Starcross/Exminster. Our land runs from the edge of the marshes up to slightly higher ground and has always been ideally suited to raising sheep.​
Drone Shot of Exe Valley Lamb farm

Who we are & our heritage.

I am a 6th generation farm, so you definitely can say farming runs in my blood! My father bought Crablake Farm in 1962 having moved from Sussex in searched of his ideal farm to work and live on.​

As is so often the way in farming families their connection to the way of life is deeply rooted. My farther had 13 siblings all of which either became farmers in their own right or married farmers. And that continues today with many of my cousins and nephews farming themselves…its hard to keep up with them all!

My father grew up in Sussex during the years of the second world war and vividly remembers the Battle of Britain taking place over head and hearing the V1 flying bomb flying over heading towards London. As part of the war food program his father’s farm was selected to feature in various information leaflets and propaganda material. Some of the pictures on this website were taken for this very purpose.

Shepherds Crablake Farm
Family as kids
Old pic holding hay on the hill
Father holding a lamb - Crablake Farm
On becoming 20 years old he decided to find his own farm to buy and work and after some time searching he move to Devon to help an older brother run his farm and then a couple of years later he was offered Crablake Farm to buy which he pretty much on the spot did, he did not even consult with my mother! However it was the right move and we have grown Crablake farm over the years into a thriving business. The area is renowned for its fertile light soils of a rich red colour. Making it an ideal place to rear sheep. In addition to sheep we also grow a range of arable and vegetable crops making for a true mixed farm. The light soils are perfect for the sheep over winter and allow for them to stay outside 365 days a year with excellent grass quality though the year.

Family matters to us

It is a truly family business. My parents are still actively involved in the farm though I am trying to reduce their burden, after all they are in their 80’s!​

I decided to bring sheep back onto the farm a number of years ago, partly at the insistence of my daughter. She is very interested and loves working on the farm and with the sheep in particular when times allows around her school work. One particular highlight for her is taking some of the sheep around the local agricultural shows to try and win some rosettes!

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